3 Poseidonos Avenue, Varkiza, Tel: 0030 210 9655977, email: info@latini.gr
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Lateen, aka the Mediterranean Sail :

a triangular sail found mainly in traditional cruisers, pirate ships and warships in general around the Mediterranean sea...

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Design & host By All-restaurants

The owners' extensive experience within the catering business and their unparallel determination to create modern high quality restaurants lead to the opening of Cafe Restaurant Lateen on coastal Poseidonos Avenue, in Varkiza.

The Varkiza marina stretches before it and the sea embraces it from side to side.

A summer favorite with woven chairs, wooden coffee tables or comfortable couches before the blue sea and An enjoyable winter choice for coffee, drinks and food with atmospheric interiors featuring a grand cozy fireplace in the middle of the hall